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Brand Creation

Building Brands Without Wrinkles

Only BrandingWe create brands, we build brands and we refresh brands if they become tired and need the kiss of life.

What excites us is adding value to a brand. Often that means
energising the brand so that it remains fresh and crisp for the whole of its

Our goal is to ensure brands remain ageless, defying the ravages of time and an ever-changing world.

We begin by researching your intensions for your brand - increasing sales, boosting customer recognition or becoming market leader.

We then take a close look at your competition and their positioning so that we can effectively help you to standout from your rivals, dominate your marketplace or perhaps even prepare your brand for a future trade sale.

Only by understanding your end game or, at the very least, your medium-term objectives, can we put in place a brand-building strategy that markets your brand effectively and stays true to your core values and objectives.

With the strategy in place, we can then focus on the messages and the tactics so that we optimise commercial returns on your brand building investment.

We have been working with many of our branding clients for more than a decade. We have dozens of case studies we'd love to share with you:

  • We can showcase the part we played in making Specsavers become the world's most trusted optical retailer
  • We can share the secrets of repositioning Viagra
  • We can reveal the brand building plan than made Mentos the world's No1 chewy mint

These are fascinating case studies and they are all about keeping brands fresh, timeless and ageless. To find out what we can do for your brand, contact us today.