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Passionate About Consumer PR & Marketing

MegaphoneWe don't just talk the talk with consumer pr and marketing, we most definitely walk the walk as well.

Consumer communications is part of our being when we are in the office, shopping for fashion or groceries, eating in restaurants, exercising in the gym. It even invades our dreams.

The world around us stimulates our hearts and our minds so that we are constantly thinking up new ways to build consumer brands, drive footfall and boost sales.

There is no way we could work in the b2b sector. For us, nothing is more thrilling than consumer PR and marketing.

It gets us excited and that means we come up with great ideas and supersized strategies that lead to inspired delivery.

We love everything about consumer PR whether we are promoting Huggies Little Swimmers, sugar-free Chupa Chup lollies or the latest designer frames for Specsavers.

We look after many of the biggest retailers and the brands they stock - Edam, Simple, TENA, Mentos, Panasonic, HP, Disney, Howards Storage World, Dr Martens and Viagra to name but a few.

We supply our consumer clients with everything from PR to social media and web marketing to email marketing and direct mail. 

We enable retailers to connect with their customers on every platform under the sun including social sites, magazines, TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, mobile phones and tablets, chat forums and consumer websites

If you require a passionate PR agency that guarantees to drive sales, add Only Public Relations to your shopping list.