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Giving You Back Your Life

Sketch -newspaperIf you run a press desk, when was the last time you were able to walk out of the office after a hard day, knowing your work was done?

Looking after a press office 24 hours a day can be exhausting. Listening for the phone to ring in case it's a journalist can take the edge off a romantic dinner, a children's party, a wedding or a funeral.

We've all been there. We are just about to sit down to a juicy steak and a brimming glass of red wine when our mobile vibrates and the magic of the moment is spoiled forever.

That's why so many clients ask us to manage their press desk out of hours and at weekends.

As former journalists, we understand the press and media. Your reputation is safe in our hands.

We answer media enquiries in the style you require…taking messages…issuing prepared statements…asking journalists probing questions to discover the angles of their story.

Our press office service allows you to enjoy your evenings and weekends without interruption and for many of our clients that's a godsend.